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Touchpad no right click working

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  • Touchpad no right click working

    Hi guys

    I have an Asus UX21E with Luna installed.

    For whatever reason it isn't recognizing that my touch pad right click button, it registers as a left click. I install synaptics to manage touchpad configuration and it doesn't think it has a right click button. Right click works fine if i use an external mouse.

    I've used both Fedora and Arch in the past and my right click functions in both. For good measure i tested an Ubuntu 12.04 live disk to see if it had the same issue - it worked fine. This problem seems to be isolated to Luna.

    Any suggestions?

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    Same problem here with an Asus N56VZ


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      It is a bug already reported on launchpad. Also you mean right click on desktop? Because on the desktop it doesn' work but in a program window (eg. Files) it is all ok


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        If what you have on your laptop is a "clickpad" -- i.e., what macbooks have -- using Synclient could solve your problem as it did for me. Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type "synclient" and hit enter. A whole bunch of options should come up like this:
        There are tons of options for your touchpad in there. To change one, just run
        synclient NameOfOption=123
        obviously replacing the values with real ones. If you want the change to be permanent for you, you can easily add an entry in System Settings > Startup Applications which runs the commands you used. This is the easiest way, but it will only run them when YOU login. Otherwise you can add a startup sh script to /etc/init.d/ as detailed here.
        Without knowing more specifically what your problem is, I can't really help you solve it. If you need any more help or want to give more information, just post back here.

        Good luck!